We love referrals!

We discount consultation services for repeat business or with the booking of a friend or relative.  Each project is different and we would be happy to discuss pricing and provide a quotation for your specific project. We will apply 50% of the consult fee if we proceed with a decorating project.

​ PROCESS     

Design Boards, Drawings & Room Representations 

If you feel you can't get a vision of how your room is going to look after, ORGANIKA can design beautiful rooms and projects creating design drawings, furniture layouts and sophisticated presentation images quickly and efficiently.

Conceptualize all the ideas and develop detail proposals for you. We will provide sketches as well as 3D animations to show you the flow of the space, how would it look like, etc. (our clients love this part because it provides a real visual view of how everything would look like) Additionally, the proposals will include the estimated costs of the furniture and accessories so you can make a decision having a good grasp of both, the look and the economics.

In this step you will agree on which of the proposal presented fits better your plans, tastes, lifestyle and the functions desired of the space. Modifications and observations will be made accordingly.

This step involves program, preparationand research of project details about the fee structure, schedules, client responsibilities and decorator responsibilities etc. This step includesapproval of budget and project.

​ ​

We will firstmeet preferably at the place in question so we can assess the project. The most important aspect of this is to really get from you what you are looking for, your expectations, understand your taste, lifestyle, space, etc. We will also discuss your budgetand initial ideas that you may have in mind.

Here we will start executing. This includes buying the furniture and setting everything needed for your space.
Organika Smart Design priority is always to ensure the process is simple and doesn’t require much from you , other than appreciate the progress and
enjoy your home!


An initial consultation for a major room such as a bedroom, living room, dining room or family room is $75 - $100 depending upon the advice you seek.